1. Create an Experience Funnel.

Invest effort and time in taking your readers on an amazing discovery journey. How can you convince them to stay to read on, and wait for your future content? One of the most effective ways is to ensure that you have a good deadline for every story. To lessen user bounce, see to it that you are optimizing for the most relevant focus keywords. Moreover, your blog headlines must represent the content of each article well. If it fails to answer their queries, your readers will surely click away. Knowing what your readers want till help you expand your opportunities, and establish loyalty.

2. Make everything unforgettable and sticky.

Informative, fruitful content glazed with tons of emotional triggers can help you retain vast blog readership. We are all curious creatures, and continuously looking for answers that can satisfy our thirst. Thus, producing content that tickles that natural need is a stepping stone for blog creation.

3. Technical UX

Learning how to make a blog in Malaysia can be quite a long process, most especially if you are not familiar with the technical aspects. Take note of all the technicalities that can affect user experience. One of the things you should focus on is website speed. A slight delay in a web page’s speed can reduce traffic. SSL protection and browser caching are also necessary for a smooth user experience.

4. Human-Centered UX

In order to provide great user experience, you should research on your target readers, and their online behavior. Research on their interests and age before designing your website. Using Google Analytics’ funnels and heat maps to establish user flow is also a good idea. Check how your readers are navigating your platform. From there, you can craft a personalized user experience for them.

5. Provide Value

Never rush your content. A poorly-written, rushed blog post won’t be able to provide the value your users want. People would want you to help them solve their problems through your content. Therefore, you must work hard to provide them with the kind of help they need. Rushing everything wouldn’t help you widen your readership. As much as possible, share unique stories, and be honest with the stats.