1. The Conversation Timepiece

Whether you are in the market for men’s watches, or watches for women in Malaysia, don’t forget that a conversation timepiece is an absolute must-have. This type of watch is something that you gush over regularly, and a piece that will catch the attention of non-watch lovers. What is that watch that holds great value to you?

2. The Dream Timepiece

Regard this as your white whale–the rare watch that will always catch your eye. Instead of remaining content with your current collection, keeping yourself updated with this dream watch will motivate you to save up, and stay sharp on all the latest releases. You should also keep tabs on watch auctions.

3. The Required Chronograph

A watch collection is nothing without a chronograph. Your choice of chronograph would depend on your budget and personal preferences. The two most popular ones are the Rolex Daytona 116520 and the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph 3510. You can never go wrong with these watch models.

4. The Everyday Rolex

Luxury watches may be sensitive and expensive, but they don’t deserve to be stuck inside your drawers. Wear them proudly in public. These are durable and sleek watches that can endure minor hits and scratches every now and then.

5. The Elegant Evening Watch

Do you prefer a brown leather strap or a metal bracelet? These timepieces are the types often worn on formal events such as weddings and conferences. It’s great to have a sophisticated evening watch for occasional formal gatherings.