There are the best foods for men’s virility that you should eat whenever you want to improve your sexual health and endurance. But, there are also those that you should avoid, especially if you are planning to have some sexy time with your partner during the day.

In today’s article, I will cover some foods that you should never, ever eat before sex.

Breakfast Meats

In some parts of the world, people would often eat breakfast meats such as sausages and bacon. While they do provide protein and other nutritional benefits, it may not be the best when it comes to improving your sex life.

Breakfast meats are greasy and if you are planning to have sex in the morning, that may not bode well for you since you are going to be feeling bloated.

What is a likely alternative? Egg whites.


Another breakfast food that you shouldn’t eat is bagels. Bagels are hefty and anything that is hefty requires a lot of time to digest. When you are having coitus, you want your body to be as light as possible and eating bagels certainly would not help. Instead of going for the full bagel, opt for some toast instead (just go light on the butter).


Now, a lot of men are going to be angry at me for saying this, but it has to be said: Steaks are not ideal date foods.

You have to understand that steak is technically red meat and red meat, when consumed by the body, goes directly to your colon for fermentation.

When it is in your colon, it can produce foul smells that will almost always guarantee to make your date hate you for that.

If you want a good alternative, opt for chicken or fish instead. They are lighter but would still provide some much-needed protein.


So, you wanted to avoid eating meats entirely and instead, you opt for vegetables because you think that your body will not produce any nasty byproducts. Well, think again.

Coleslaw is a serious offender. The cabbage that it usually contains can lead to a gassy stomach and may lead to some serious foul odors.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t eat greens, but you want to go for vegetables that are easier to digest. Also, if you are going to dress your salads, dress it lightly with vinegar and oil and not those thick salad dressings.

French Fries

Let me be clear here: Potatoes are okay to eat before a date because it is easily digestible. However, French fries, in particular, are usually cooked with fatty oils that take time to digest in the body. If you want to enjoy some potato with your loved one, opt for a baked potato instead.


Burritos are great if you want to stuff your stomach and be full for longer periods of time. But, the individual components of burritos can certainly not do you any favors when it comes to dating simply because it can cause belching.

Beans, cheese, wheat wrap, and other components that are usually placed inside a burrito take time to digest. Tacos are much better, especially if you opt for the tortilla variant.


I admit, I am having a hard time writing pizza on this list because I really love pizza, but it has to be said: If you are going out on a date are moving in for some coitus after, eating pizza may not be your best option.

Everything that is put on a usual pizza can help you feel bloated. The cheese, wheat from the bread, and the meat/s all contribute to bloating and possibly belching.

Instead of eating pizza, go for pasta instead. Women love that.