You might have been told by your friends and family that gambling is bad. Although gambling is just an activity, it only is considered bad if it is done in excess. If you are gambling money that you can safely lose and stop when you are losing in succession, then I see no problem with it.

Unfortunately, because of the rush of dopamine that online casino games can provide, many people actually become so addicted to the point that it is nearly impossible for them to stop on their own.

That and other reasons why gambling is bad will be explained further in this post.

Gambling Can Leave People Restless

Playing casino games is playing games of chance. That means that although there is a possibility of you winning some; there is also a propensity for you to lose as well.

Unfortunately, what often happens is that people lose a lot of casino games- mostly in succession- and one way for them to feel better about the situation is to gamble on and on in the hopes of getting all of the money that they’ve lost.

This is a dangerous cycle because, for the most part, players are unable to get all of the money they’ve spent in gambling.

Cause for Isolation

Because gambling can be addictive, if your family and friends find out that you are gambling quite often, then they may shut their doors on your- leaving you in isolation since no one wants to be with you.

It Can Have a Negative Impact on Your Children

If you were introduced to casino games by a colleague or a friend and you somehow have been hooked into it, you may find that you spend a lot of time gambling as opposed to spending quality time with your children.

If your children feel neglected, they will get their love and validation elsewhere and it can create a vicious cycle that cannot be undone.

Can Be a Cause for Abuse

When people turn into problem gamblers, they would often act violently if they are told to stop gambling. This is also the reason why gambling can be a cause of abuse. In fact, in one study, 25% of households would report that their partners would cause harm and abuse to them simply because they are addicted to it.

It Can Cause Suicide

Because of the fact that your life can turn upside down if you are addicted to gambling, it can actually be a cause for suicide.

Can Hinder One’s Career

People who are addicted to gambling rarely think about their jobs as they are constantly thinking about ways to win their favorite games. This can result in impedance in their career growth simply because their minds are focused elsewhere.

Can Make One Drown in Debts

If it has come to a point that someone already got addicted to gambling, then there is a huge chance that they will accrue debts. If that is the case, they may dig themselves deeper and deeper in debt- one that they cannot possibly pay in full.