How does affiliate marketing work? Well, that actually depends on what perspective you are looking at. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you will actually act as the middleman between your partner merchant and the potential buyer.

However, if we look at affiliate networks, they are actually the middleman between the merchant (since they will be the ones that provide the affiliate programs in Malaysia to the marketers) and the marketer (the network will provide them with the programs that are given to them by the merchants).

Below are the best affiliate networks of 2020 so that it will be so much easier for you to find one that works for you:


Although this affiliate network is still relatively small compared to other, more established ones, PeerFly has won some awards which warrant your attention. This international online affiliate platform is quite unique in that they remove some costs and risk associated with marketing products because they funnel some money to the marketers to help them get by.

With a clear commission model, every time you generate a lead or a sale, you will always be given the commissions that you deserve.


This has become a household name when it comes to affiliate networks because it has been operating for more than two decades now.

This platform is one of the best in terms of the products that you can market, as well as how they do business to both their partner merchants and the marketers who sign-up to their service.


Another premier affiliate network, FlexOffers is a haven for both merchants and marketers simply because of the sheer number of people that are found on this service.

They boast of an impressive array of industry-leading marketing tools, unparalleled customer service, and fast and reliable payment and commission models.

United Affiliates Network

This is a network that focuses mainly on the financial and gambling industries, but the good thing about this site is that they not only provide you with all of the things that you need to start promoting their products, but they also provide you with the technical knowledge and tools to get things started.


Rakuten is considered as one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world. With a diverse portfolio and a huge customer base (think customers by the millions), Rakuten provides you with affiliate programs that allow you to choose which products you want to promote and start earning.


This affiliate network focuses on anything Cannabis. That means that they handle all of the Cannabis products and merchants and if you want to promote this type of thing, they will help you every step in the way.

Just a reminder: If you do move forward with this, make sure that your local laws support the promotion and sale of Cannabis since it is still considered illegal in many states and countries.