1. Share native video content.

YouTube links work on Facebook, though it’s not worth it over time, on a marketing perspective. This is because Facebook favors the use native video content over Vimeo or YouTube links. Clearly, they want users to upload more videos directly on their Facebook pages.

2. Create shareable content.

Viral content is the key to a huge amount of traffic. Now, how can you produce viral Facebook content? Just in case you need some help with regards to your content strategy, there are tons of quality social marketing services offered in Malaysia. Using Facebook for your business would be a lot easier if you will have guidance in great content creation.

3. Use Facebook Live to improve your reach.

Are you marketing your products and services with a limited budget? Facebook Live is a good option to try, then. This feature has a lot of benefits, such as low-quality requirements and free costs. But, the most important thing about this is that it can help you improve your organic reach.

4. Offer discounts to increase sales.

Make your customers and followers feel extra special by offering them exclusive discounts. This is exactly what you can accomplish through Facebook Offers. Through this feature, you can post generous special deals, coupons and other kinds of discounts.

5. Leverage on user-generated content.

When you are using Facebook for your business, it’s important for all of your products to appear as genuine as possible. The authenticity level that resonates well from user-generated posts can never be denied. This is the reason why it gets the biggest engagement on Facebook, as well as in other social media networks.

6. Implement Facebook remarketing ads.

Efficient targeting plays an important role in making your Facebook ad campaigns successful. Basically, your ads would work better if you are sure about your target customers. Target those who have already shown their interest in your offerings. Through Facebook remarketing, you can get a higher conversion rate.