Everyday people with serious cases are keep finding a lawyer to solve their cases. Obviously, there are things that must be considered when you are filing a case or suing someone you knew is that your case and must be legit.

Legal Expenses is Low

Malaysian average legal expenses is really one of the most minimal in the region. But still if you can’t afford it – having a below minimum wage. In today’s generation, it’s difficult to find a legal firm in Malaysia that would help you with your cases without having expenses to pay. Fortunately, in the country of Malaysia has been offered a free legal aid in Malaysia for everyone who wants to have or to be granted in legal services.

Indeed, there are three (3) main organizations which are offering legal aid in Malaysia.

First, Legal Aid Department that is financed by the legislature and handles certain criminal and some common cases.

Second, the Bar Council, it is secretly financed by individuals from the Bar and that could give legal aid for some areas of family, business law and those criminal cases.

And the last one is, National Legal Aid Foundation, this is for criminal cases only.

Free Legal Aid

Obviously, not every person is qualified for look for legal aid from the above mentioned legal aid focuses. Truth be told, to those people who are qualified for granting free legal aid, they must be qualified for the Means Test in Malaysia – where the means test could be able to know your financial status – are qualified for the free legal aid.

So the next time around, if you need something any free legal aid you should know where to go, okay?