Are you looking for a reliable SEO service provider in Malaysia that can help you with your blogging strategy? There are millions of WordPress blogs out there, so you need to set yourself apart from the rest. You can do this by optimizing your website well. Even if you are not an expert coder, you can accomplish this well. Below are some important things you shouldn’t forget when it comes to website optimization.

1. URLs

You need to get your website’s basic structure right, from the very beginning. If you will just fix it later on, then that would involve tough work. Start well, so you can gain the attention of website visitors and search engines. It all starts with a clear URL structure.

2. Web domains, and avoiding duplicate web content

Do you know that duplicate versions of web content can give you multiple problems? This is one of the most common problems for website owners. They don’t even have an idea that these duplicates exist. Make sure to avoid this, since Google issues huge penalties for this problem.

3. Add code to footer/header sections

To implement a good SEO strategy, you need to monitor your website performance. You can do so by utilizing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. In order to activate this, you need to add a verification code to your website. This specific code must be inserted to the header section.

4. SEO your description and title tags

To improve your search engine traffic, you must have a page description and page title on every web page. These details are called meta data. Your title page is one of the most important as Google and other search engines are concerned. Don’t worry. There are lots of plugins you can use to add all of them effectively and conveniently.

5. SEO images

Search engines require your help when it comes to reading images. For them to SEO photos, you need to fill in alt text and description details. Captions are also useful in improving time on page, and enhances bounce rate.