The Components of a Good Landing Page

So, you are thinking of creating landing pages for your ecommerce website? There are many platforms offering landing page templates that look professional and credible. For it to be effective, the web design needs to stand out and be unique. Below are some of the crucial components of a successful landing page.

Video and Image

All landing pages must have compelling visual elements to spark engagement. Humans are visual creatures. Therefore, by showing them high-quality product images, you can encourage them to finalize their purchase.

Social links

Don’t hesitate to leverage on the power of social media. Leads may come from anywhere, from your web pages to Instagram. Include social links in your pages so your posts would become even more shareable.

Call To Action

CTAs must be catchy and bold. How can you encourage people to click on this one and accomplish a certain action? Make sure it’s attention grabbing, and corresponds well with your branding.


Success may start from a mere headline. Without a good headline, your landing page would fall flat. Headlines, just like CTAs, can lead readers towards the right actions that can favor your brand.

Sub Text

Sub text is a text under the headlines that function as a second hook in order to grab users. It explains the headlines, and encourages people to convert. This is an easily overlooked part, but it you give it the focus it deserves, you will gain a lot from it.


Copies must be short and informative. Not all of us are writers, but if you wish to write copies for your own pages, make sure to do it well. Your short copies must be able to fully expound on the benefits of your products and services.

By Carlos Jennings Web Design