Choose the perfect color.

For many architects and interior designers, white is a top choice for cottages, from cabinetry to linens. You can accent it with homey touches such as rambunctious plants and wooden utensils for the ultimate cozy cottage look.

Combine country and modern styling.

Seek the help of a top architecture company in Malaysia when designing your modern cottage. Experienced professionals can help you mix the classic cottage elements with modern appliances. The old and new elements must appear balanced. You can also consider vintage wallpapers to bring about a unique look.

Settle close to your neighbors.

Never miss out on the important cottage details, from plantings and fencing to the sunroom and windows. Usually, cottages are linked, and situated side by side for many family members. At this day and age, several families no longer live close together. But, the connected cottage design work really work both in terms of function and aesthetics.

Learn how to set your home apart through cottage detailing.

Curves, turrets and two-toned paint schemes can make a beautiful modern cottage design. Clean, simple garden edgings and trimmings can give the space an “updated vibe,” from a very traditional feel. Why don’t you build a façade with some roofline detailing?